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Professional Consultation

Integrated Oncology provides highly accessible physician and technical support to its clients. Professional consultation allows health care providers to collaborate on test selection and results interpretation. Our medical staff is actively involved in emerging technologies, and we are on the cutting edge of new developments in oncologic diagnostics.

In-service Training

Integrated Oncology will provide training to the staff of each client, detailing the processes and procedures used for specimen collection, handling, and transport. Training will provide contact information, test request forms, supplies, and instructions on using our online connectivity and productivity tools. Training will be conducted by your local Specialty Development Executive or the Regional Manager of Business Development.

Service Solutions

Superior customer service is a critical component of the Integrated Oncology core values and objectives. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers and their patients. Our services are tailored to fit each individual client, ensuring a relationship that truly benefits each organization. From our responsive client service representatives to the efficient transport of patient samples, Integrated Oncology monitors client touch points to exceed expectations.

Client Services

The Integrated Oncology client service centers have highly trained staff available to respond to all general client needs. Our client services representatives provide prompt answers to questions or concerns on test information, specimen requirements, turnaround time, test add-ons, and results. Client services also routes client calls directly to the appropriate technical or medical professional, if necessary, and can be reached at 800-710-1800 (Phoenix, AZ), or 800-874-8532 (Brentwood, TN). Please see the client services section for additional information, including site contact numbers, addresses, and hours of operation.

Online Test Menu

Integrated Oncology is committed to making test information available in a timely, user-friendly format. The Integrated Oncology online Test Menu is updated on a regular basis and provides a comprehensive test list of all available assays. For each test, reference information is provided on specimen requirements, methodology, assay schedule, turnaround time, and clinical use.  Clients can search for tests by keyword, alphabetically, by methodology, or by disease state. Additionally, clients can search the IHC antibody menu by keyword or synonym.  We are continually adding new tests to our menu so please check back often.


Integrated Oncology provides all required supplies for standard ordering and shipping of specimens within the United States. To order supplies please call Integrated Oncology dispatch at 800-710-1800, or 866-875-2271. Please have your account number ready.

Test Request Forms

Test request forms can be ordered by calling 800-710-1800, or 866-875-2271. Please have your account number ready.

Result Reporting

Integrated Oncology provides numerous options for report delivery to meet each client's needs. Reports may be transmitted by fax, remote printer, US Postal Service (USPS), Federal Express, and/or PATHwaysTM, our on-line Web-based reporting system. Contact client services or your local Integrated Oncology Specialty Development Executive to determine which delivery method work best for you.

Specimen Transport

Courier service is provided to clients at no additional charge. Specimen pick-up is coordinated through our national logistics network to ensure timely delivery to the lab. After hours and weekend pick-up arrangements can be made in order to ship any STAT or acute case, and courier service can be arranged on a regular or will-call basis as needed. Please speak to your local Specialty Development Executive, call 800-710-1800, or 866-875-2271 if there are any questions.

Adding/Canceling Testing

Additional testing or "add-ons" can be ordered on specimens held in storage. Added tests are authorized via telephone with a follow-up faxed test request form or via e-mail at Please have your account number ready. Canceling a test can be accomplished by calling the client services department at 800-710-1800 (Phoenix, AZ), or 800-874-8532, option 2 (Brentwood, TN).

Specimen Requirements

Please see the Test Menu for published specimen requirements.

Assay Schedule/Result Turnaround
Integrated Oncology publishes current assay schedules and standard result turnaround times within the test menu. Any questions regarding turnaround time or days of the week a test is performed, please call the client services department at 800-710-1800 (Phoenix, AZ), or 800-874-8532, option 2 (Brentwood, TN).